"The World will tell you to speak your mind; the world will forget you. Rather you must learn to Speak your Soul." - Laura Mc.



A lover of Faith and Believer in what is Beautiful

Laura McCullough is an artist and writer happily nestled in the North Georgia mountains. Throughout her life, an approach to the world of examining, collecting, deconstructing and reinventing has informed nearly every facet of Laura's creative process, extending into not only her writing and artwork, but her education, career choices, and most profoundly her faith.  After attending college in the fields of Visual Communications, Interior Design, and Biology while pursuing a career in Nonprofit Animal Welfare, she has finally settled on the occupations of Mixed Media Artist, Poet, Graphic Designer and Homeschooling mother of 3 young boys. As days and destiny allow, she will one day expand her resume to include Children’s Book Author, and perhaps Quantum Physicist.

A love of Science, Mathematics and the beauty of Creation drive McCullough’s work. Her faith in the Elohim of Israel and the whole counsel of His Word is the central element of her life, the core of everything she produces and pursues.

Over the course of her artistic career, McCullough has worked in nearly every medium, although she has come to find a deep and tangible resonance in the combination of mixed-media collage and fluid acrylic painting. She also currently does a large volume of digital work as part of the design company she shares with her husband, Ayil Designs.

Laura has had pieces featured in the galleries of the Art Institute of Atlanta, eclectic galleries such as Wild Cat on a Wing, on programs such as Good Day Atlanta, and is the cover artist for the Winter issue of Rattle Magazine and works by several prominent authors. Her poetry has been featured in numerous publications and anthologies, most recently in The Blue Mountain Review and the newest anthology from Right Angle Publishing, “If I Could Tell You Anything.” 

Laura is the Design Director of Phrase Press, an independent publisher producing

Words and Works for the Lyrical Soul.

Vincent Van Gogh

"...just as one would go for a long walk to refresh oneself, and in all of nature, in trees for instance, I see expression and a soul."


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Georgia, USA

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