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  • Laura McCullough

Life in the Process

In the beginning...

How many blogs do you think have started out with some witty equivalent of this phrase? Or perhaps, "And so it begins." As cliche as it may be, if you'll forgive me for it, that is exactly what this is. The beginning of my shared journey, the opening of my experiences and my heart to those who might be encouraged and uplifted by a bit of transparency, a moment of realness, in the very "shiny" and image-conscious Creative scene.

I have realized that I don't know how to be most of what the world expects of "successful" artists and writers. I don't know how to be anything but me. I have also come to the conclusion that YOU should not be anything but you. Deeply, authentically, completely you... and you should be told that there is nothing else you should try to be! I want to use this space to do just that. Not with pep-talks or daily encouragements, although something of that nature might peek in from time to time, but rather by sharing my life and my process in an honest and uncompromising way. By sharing what excites me about writing and creating, sharing what makes me nervous, and by admitting what absolutely terrifies me as I lean into the wind and try to do it anyway. Hopefully. Or possibly by admitting what absolutely terrifies me and falling on my face. For those who embark on this journey with me, we will find out together!

(As a side note to my lovely grammarian friends, I am fully aware that I write in sentence fragments alternating with run-on sentences. I write exactly as I talk, and the grammar hasn't caught up yet. With my sincerest apologies, I invite you to come along for the ride anyway.)

There are simply things that do not exist yet, that need to. I can see some of them, feel them next to my heart waiting to be born, and some of them are for people just like you to create. Sometimes what we need to spark a new direction in our life is being allowed to see someone else's map, telling us,

"Yes, you can."

I have as many plans for this blog as I do for the multitude of projects and creative adventures that keep me up at night, dreaming with my eyes open. It can be easy to get lost sometimes, in those goals I cannot accomplish all at once. Check out my Projects page to see some of them, or my Meet the Artist section on the Home page to learn a little more about me. Having long given up on rows, I am now simply working to get all my ducks into the same pond. As each of us is to some degree, I am a Goal oriented creature serving a Process oriented God. Setting out down this new road with its multiple lanes, I have decided to not only submit to that process, but to joyfully offer it up. This is my Life in the Process.

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